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Love Unmasked was founded by two physicians in the operating room during a spine case. Samia, an orthopaedic surgeon, and Edwin, an anesthesiologist, understand the complex lifestyles of healthcare professionals and the challenge of meeting others who are in the same situation. Healthcare professionals work long, sometimes stressful, hours, which limits their pursual of romantic opportunities. Hence, Samia and Edwin have created a site where busy professionals like themselves can more easily link with other like-minded individuals to meet, date and find love.

Privacy is also key to them in their professions and they wanted all members to have an option to “mask” themselves and then reveal their identity to whom they choose via a mutual unmask feature. Members can also choose to connect only with “verified” healthcare professionals. This is a unique space made for healthcare professionals by two physicians hoping that people can connect, safely reveal their identity, and find love!

Real people finding real connection

Every day, our members are creating connections and pursuing relationships with a diverse group of healthcare professionals. Take the first step and join our dating app to help you find your life partner!

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